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2016 Pride Prince George


Around the world, Gay Pride celebrations continue to grow and the LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender) community continue be summed up as loyal, affluent, trendsetters, who are receptive to companies who talk directly to them. 


As the first Pride Parade in Northern British Columbia began September of 1997 in response to the production and promoting of anti-gay materials by a local business, our growing celebration is built on collaboration and partnerships with local business, labour unions, and other not-for-profit organizations that share the same vision for our Community.


As we enter the 19th Annual Pride Prince George Festival we continue to draw participants from across Western Canada just to take part celebrate the unique spirit and culture that is in Prince George. With over 1,500 participants and spectators descending on downtown Prince George during the Festival alone, there is a tremendous opportunity for you to reach and make an impact with this growing and influential market.


We are excited to offer you excellent exposure to the northern LGBT+ community and our families, friends and allies. Pride Prince George would like to invite you to become a partner in our 19th Annual Pride Celebrations in Prince George, British Columbia.




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